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Pipe Production Line: Auto Exhaust ss pipe making machine

Pipe Production Line: Auto Exhaust ss pipe making machine



Pipe Production Line

This Pipe Making Machine is mainly produce stainless steel auto exhaust pipe. 

This pipe  making machine with stronger design, such as 

1. Vertical Linkage adjuster: both sides of the shaft can be controlled to rise and fall at the same time, which is convenient for adjusting the mold.

2.Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand,high equipment accuracy, stable performance and long cycle. And it is easy to change and adjust roll sets, will take roughly 40minutes to change full set roll sets.

3.Thicker stand, stronger tube mill, easier to produce heavy thick pipe.

4.Double welding touch system:The first welding torch is Pre-heat, the second welding touch is welding.

If you interested in our pipe making machine, welcome to contact us.

Email: fsyxh10@tubemakingmachine.com

Whatsapp: +86 18818745372


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