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What is New Design Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

What is New Design Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine



Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine/Tube Mill


Decoiler :

Double side un-coiler,can bear 1.5T per side.

Logo Stamping Device : can stamp company logo

Forming :

Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand, easier and faster to change the Roll Sets.

Vertical linkage adjuster: Both sides of the shaft can be controlled to rise and fall at the same time, which is convenient for adjusting the mold.

Welding :

we are using the Ultrasonic welding machine, it is can be running stable and make the welding line looks good.

Grinding :

Totally enclosed automatic Grinding head, in automatically pressing down polishing system by electric motor, easy adjustment, saving time and labor.

Sizing& Straightening :

sizing section can make the pipe more roundness

Turkey Head :

Turkey Head can make the round pipe to the square pipe, round pipe to the rectangle pipe.

Cutting :

metal saw cutter, the pipe after the metal saw cutter , end of the pipe without the burr.


run out of table,the steel pipe is collected here after cutting.


More Machine Detail, Welcome contact us


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