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what is you pipe making machine sizes?

what is you pipe making machine sizes?



pipe making machineCan one machine produce ss tubes/pipes of all sizes ? I have received this kind of question from customers, the answer is no. One machine can’t produce ss tubes/pipes of all sizes. Each model of pipe making machine has a production range.

Below is the specification sheet of our pipe making machine:

Type Pipe Diameter (mm) Pipe Thickness (mm)  Capacity (m/min)  Note
 SZG40  6-38.1 0.2-1.2 1-20  we accept orders with client's designs
 ZG40  8-50.8 0.2-1.5  1-15
 BBZG40  8-50.8 0.2-2.0 1-15
BZG40  12.7-63.5 0.3-2.0 1-15
 ZG50 25.4-76.2 0.4-2.5  1-7
 ZG60 38.1-114  0.5-3.0   1-5
ZG80 76.2-168 1.0-4.0 1-3
ZG100 159-168 1.0-6.0 1-3


If you interested in our pipe making machine, welcome to contact us.

Email: fsyxh10@tubemakingmachine.com

Whatsapp:+86 18818745372


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