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Pipe Machine: How to star the pipe manufacturing business?

Pipe Machine: How to star the pipe manufacturing business?



Pipe Machine

How to star the pipe manufacturing business? Today we will discuss this issue:

When starting a new project, we will first understand the industry market. In the future, the steel pipe market is on the rise, and we will have the confidence to enter this industry.

When we decide to enter the stainless steel pipe industry, what do we need to prepare?

First of all, we need to have sufficient funds. According to the situation in China, if we want to invest in 2 sets pipe manufacturing machines, then we need to prepare 1 million RMB (including equipment costs, plant costs, labor costs, other costs, etc.).

Next is the need for workshops. If you start investing in 2 sets pipe making machines, the workshop area should be at least 500 square meters.

Then there is the specific production specification, as this will affect the model of the pipe making machine. Each type of pipe making machine has a corresponding production range.

The next step is to buy pipe making machines and molds.

Finally, there is staffing. According to our experienced at least need 9 workers, one is pipe making machine operator, one formen to help the helper and charges of tube mill machine. One polishing machine operator, one factory director charges of the whole production line, one accountant to help your accounting, one packer is responsible for the packing, one driver is responsible for loading the goods. One storekeeper charges of material acceptance, warehousing and delivery goods.

If you want to star the pipe manufacturing business, welcome to contact us.

We will give you advice on the pipe making machine according to your needs.


Pipe Machine