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Roller/Mould/Mold: what is steel pipe/tube roll sets?

Roller/Mould/Mold: what is steel pipe/tube roll sets?



About steel pipe/tube roll sets, it will be installed on pipe making machine/tube mil to make stainless steel/ carbon steel/ galvanized steel pipes/tubes,which can make round pipe with diameter 6mm to 426mm, square pipe with diameter 10mmx10mm to 300mmx300mm, rectangle pipe with diameter 10mmx20mm to 120mmx60mm.

pipe roller
Problems that our molds can help customers solve: reduce marking strain, ensure roundness and straightness, and save costs.
Why choose our rollers?
1.Good design ,we customize the design according to the needs of customers;
2.Good material, in the process of pipe making, the material selection of different parts of the mold will be adjusted accordingly, and the best material is used in the parts that are prone to strain.
Why save costs?
When the strain is reduced, the polishing speed will increase, and the cost of the polished material and the electricity bill will naturally decrease.

So if you interested in our Roller/Mould/Mold, welcome to contact us. We are pretty sure that we will be your right choice


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