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CSZG40 Stainless Steel Tube Mill can make small tubes

CSZG40 Stainless Steel Tube Mill can make small tubes



stainless steel tube mill

Our tube mills are available in different models,such as SZG40, ZG40, BZG40, ZG50, ZG60, ZG80, ZG100. Of course, we can also customize according to customer needs, CSZG40 model tube mill is customized by us for making small tubes, which covering range from 4.8mm to 15.9mm, and thickness is 0.3mm to 1.5mm.

steel tube mill

small tube mill

CSZG40 stainless steel tube mill is also customized in arrangement, usually our pipe making machines are commonly arranged in 4414, 3314. This tube mill with successive arrangement, easy to produce better quality small pipe (below 12.7mm) ,welding quality more stable,pipe more straight.

tube mill

If you are looking for our TUBE MILL,welcome let us know. We are happy to serve you.

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