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Pipe Polishing Machine: SS Square Pipe Polishing Machine

Pipe Polishing Machine: SS Square Pipe Polishing Machine



Last time we introduced round tube polishing machine, this time we will introduce square tube polishing machine to you.

Pipe Polishing Machine

Square Pipe polishing machine include 3 parts, input loader, square pipe polishing machine, output unloader. And it is mainly used for polishing the surface of oval pipes, square pipe and rectangle pipes, covering range from 10*10mm to 100*100mm.

Square tube polishing machine is also divided into 2 models,one is 32 Head Square Pipe polishing machine, and other is 36 Head Square pipe polishing machine.

Same as round tube polishing machine,we need to install polishing materials,such as flap wheels, sisal wheels, cloth wheels, sisal cloth wheel. And we also use polishing wax/soap to improve surface brightness.

If you interested in our ss pipe polishing machine, welcome to contact us at any time.
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