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Stainless Steel Round Pipe/Tube Polishing Machine

Stainless Steel Round Pipe/Tube Polishing Machine



pipe polishing machine

The tube/pipe polishing machine is mainly used to polish the surface of the steel tube/pipe, and it is mainly divided into a round pipe polishing machine and a square pipe polishing machine. For round pipe polishing machine, Main models:YP-8、DYP-8、YP-10、DYP-10. Main polishing specifications:φ9.5 – 63.5mm、φ 50.8 – 133mm.

tube polishing machine

Today, we mainly introduce our new 8-head round stainless steel pipe polishing machine.The new pipe polishing machine, we have upgraded the design. The first is to upgrade the power, and the grinding head motor is upgraded to 8 PCS X 7.5KW. In addition, added drawer design, easier to clean the dust.

pipe/tube polishing machine

If you interested in stainless steel round pipe / tube polishing machine, welcome to contact us.

stainless steel pipe polishing machine

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