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What is a pipe making machine/tube mill?

What is a pipe making machine/tube mill?



yxh pipe making machine

The pipe making machine is mainly composed of these part:

Decoiler, Forming section, Welding section, Grinding section, Sizing & Straightening section, Cutting part, Unloading.

yxh pipe making machine-cad

The main function of the pipe making machine is to deform the steel strip coil through forming, then use the argon arc welding torch to weld the steel strip, grind the weld seam through the grinding section, correct the roundness through the sizing section, and deform the round pipe into square/rectangle/oval shape through the Turkey head , cut the corresponding length by cutting machine, and finally collect the finished steel pipes by using the unloading rack.

pipe making machine-production diagram

Our pipe making machine/tube mill can make stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes. If you interested in our pipe machine, please contact us. Our salesperson will provide corresponding pipe machine quotations according to your needs.


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