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What is High Frequency Welded Tube Mill?

What is High Frequency Welded Tube Mill?



With the continuous development of the national economy, users' demand for steel is increasing, and the proportion of steel pipes in all walks of life is also increasing. The production of steel pipes is mainly divided into two categories, one is seamless pipes, It is mainly produced by rolling extrusion and drawing, another is welded pipes, which is mainly produced by high-frequency welding tube mill or tig welded tube mill. Among the welded pipe methods, high-frequency welding has continuously increased its proportion in the entire steel pipe industry due to its strong continuity, high production efficiency, and low production cost.

So what is the high-frequency welded tube mill? Let's first introduce its structure:

high frequency tube mil

1. The uncoiler is used to support the coil and provide raw materials for the production line. The structural type of the uncoiler is mainly single station, hydraulic tensioning type.

welded tube mill-uncoiler

2. The end shearing machine and butt welding machine are important equipment on the high frequency welded pipe production line, which are used for cutting and butt welding the irregular parts of the head and tail of the strip steel to ensure the continuous production of the welded pipe unit.

3. Horizontal spiral looper or cage looper for caching steel belt. Horizontal spiral loopers are mainly used in thick pipes.

4. Forming-sizing main machine is the main equipment on the welded pipe production line, which is composed of forming section, welding section and sizing section. The main machine of high-frequency welded pipe machinery can produce both round pipes and special-shaped pipes. High-frequency welded pipe machinery unit adopts the principle of roll forming. The high-frequency welded pipe can continuously produce steel pipes of certain specifications. The heating method adopts induction welding, and the steel pipes of required specifications are formed after cooling, sizing and rough straightening. In addition, high-frequency welded pipe machine adopts the bottom line horizontal method for forming, and the roll adopts double-radius pass

welded tube mill-forming mill

welded tube mill-cooling tank

welded tube mill-sizing mill

5. The computer flying saw is an important equipment on the welded pipe production line. It can automatically cut various shapes of pipes with fixed length and precision at high speed. The computer flying saw adopts fast and high-precision STD control system and mechanical system, with good sizing and synchronization performance, reliable mechanical transmission, fast performance and high precision.

welded tube mill-flying saw

6. Automatic pipe turning frame, referred to as blanking frame, is a delivery platform for steel pipes to fall after being cut by computer flying saw

7. High-frequency electrical equipment, including rectifier cabinet, inverter cabinet, transformer, console, water-cooled speed control, air-water cooling, and air conditioner.

welded tube mill-conveyor tableThe above are the various parts of the high-frequency welded pipe mill. Regarding the diameter and thickness of the high-frequency welded tube mill that can be produced, please browse our website or contact us.


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