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What is steel slotted pipe making machine

What is steel slotted pipe making machine


Steel slotted pipe making machine is mainly designed to produce round slot, square slot and other special-shaped steel pipes. The arrangement of slotted pipe making machine is 3-3-3-1-4 , that means 9 PCS Horizontal stands in the forming and 9 PCS Horizontal stands in welding section,4 PCS in the sizing section. The important part is Horizontal stands with Mechanical die casting design and  the Needle bearing, it is very easy to take out, very easier and faster to change the Roll sets. 
Some popular slot pipe sizes: 60x40x15x15mm , 50x50x15x15mm , 40x40x15x15mm , 50.8x15x15mm , and so on.
Our common grooved tube is used to fix glass, but it actually has many uses, such as:
1. Architectural decoration: used to make railings, stairs, etc.
2. Metal manufacturing industry: widely used in manufacturing mechanical parts and tools.
3. Home appliance field: such as balcony glass guardrails, shopping mall guardrails, stair guardrails, etc.
4. Oil and gas pipeline system: used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel or other chemical liquids.
5. Sports facilities: such as basketball stands, football goals, etc., used to make brackets and connectors.
6. Medical equipment: used to make brackets and fixtures, etc.
7. Automobile manufacturing: used to make components such as suspension systems and exhaust systems.
8. Lamp making: used to make lamp stands and support structures.
9. Stainless steel products: widely used in many fields such as auto parts, metal manufacturing, precision instruments, machinery manufacturing, rail transit, decorative construction, nuclear power, structural pipe manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware accessories, etc.
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