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What is small sizes stainless steel tube mill machine

What is small sizes stainless steel tube mill machine


Tube mill typically consists of a series of machines and equipment that work together to convert stainless steel strip or coil into finished pipe. Small stainless steel tube mill is designed for manufacturing and producing small size stainless steel tubes. The different designs of this small  stainless steel tube mill are as follows:
1. Forming Section: with successive arrangement, easy to produce better quality small tube (below 12.7 mm) ,welding quality more stable,tube more straight. 
2. Roller Sets: use roundness molds, one is for welding joint roundness mold, it can accurately position the welding position and ensure the correct position of the welding joint. At the same time, a more uniform and regular weld shape can be obtained, improving the welding quality and aesthetics. another is for Sizing roundness mold, Its main function is to be used in the pipeline manufacturing and processing process to help ensure that the diameter of the pipeline meets the requirements and provide precise sizing functions.
3.Tube coil machine: The steel tube coiling machine curls the steel pipe into a disk shape.
Small-diameter stainless steel tubes are widely used in pipeline systems and equipment manufacturing in medical, chemical, food, automobile, electronics and other fields due to their excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, high strength, and high temperature resistance.
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