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What is tube mill pipe making process?

What is tube mill pipe making process?



With the increasing demand of steel tubes, mainly investors target on steel tube mills to produce ss tubes to get the benefit. But one more question troubles them. How to process the tube mill when pipe making?  How to set the standard of pipe making?

Now, Foshan YXH tube mill & mould co.,ltd will tell you. The tube mill pipe making process is as follows:


1. Good preparation before starting

Do a good job of check , for example, Check the host reducer lubricating oil, make sure whether the stock is sufficient. of course, the most important thing is to make it clear that what the pipe size, thickness and material you should produce

2. Power on the tube mill

After shooting, must be the first to conduct a comprehensive quality inspection, inspection of steel tube diameter, length, straight, roundness, square degrees, welding, grinding, strain, and so on.  According to the situation of each index of the first tube to adjust speed, current, grinding head, mould, etc.

3. Change the tube mill rollers

Replace the original mould in time

4. Tube mill daily maintenance checklist

5. At the last, Do a good job in security work

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