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What is industrial stainless steel tube mill?

What is industrial stainless steel tube mill?



1.Introduction to Industrial Stainless Steel Tube Mill

industrial tube mill
An Industrial stainless steel tube mill is a congregation of complex machinery that manufactures high quality, precision tubes from stainless steel. The finished stainless steel tubes can be used for industrial area, such as air conditioner, auto exhaust, sanitary pipe appliance, sending liquid(oil, milk, beer) etc. 

2.Components of a Stainless Steel Tube Mill

The industrial stainless steel tube mill mainly consists of 7 major parts and 2 optional parts.

industrial tube mill - CAD
Major Parts of tube mill:

Uncoiler: Feeding stainless steel coil
Forming Section:Initiated with the formation of the tube from stainless steel strip using rollers.
Welding Section:Utilizes argon arc welding gun welding to join the edges of the malleable tube.
Grinding Section:Polish the surface of the stainless steel tube to make the weld seam smoother and brighter
Sizing Section:Involves a set of rollers to ensure exact product dimension.
Cutting Machine:The final stage where the tube is cut to the needed length.
Run Out Table:Collect stainless steel tubes

Optional Parts of tube mill:

Bead Rolling Machine:this machine can rolling on the inner and outer welded joints repeatedly  to keep the welded seam smooth and make the welded tube seamless.
Bright Annealing Machine:this machine can heat the stainless steel welded pipe to 1050℃ then cool it to the temperature lower than 100℃ under the protection of hydrogen. 

3.Benefits and Applications of Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless steel tubes feature corrosion resistance, strength, ductility and thermal resistance. They are desirable in the construction of pharmaceutical plants, food manufacturing, oil refineries, and nuclear power plants.
The future of the industrial stainless steel tube mill looks promising. With technology’s shift towards increased automation, efficiency, and digital control, these mills will continue to evolve, showing a bright outlook characterized by superior quality products, enhanced productivity, and eco-friendly operations.



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