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The different arrangement of stainless steel tube mill machine

Stainless steel tube mill can adopt different arrangements to meet different production needs and pipeline specifications.


The popular models of pipe embossing machines

Steel pipe embossing machine is a device specifically for processing of steel pipes. The popular models of pipe embossing machines is 50 type and 76 type.


Enhancing Precision and Efficiency: Our New Design SS Square Pipe Polishing Machine

The upgraded design of the new square pipe polishing machine improves the polishing speed and brightness, and at the same time improve production efficiency.


The Advantages of New Design SS Round Pipe Polishing Machine

The Advantages of New Design SS Round Pipe Polishing Machine: grinding shaft is lengthened, increasing drawer design and emergency stop switch design, which offer increased speed, brightness and efficiency.


Machine To Make Pipe of Inox

Machine to make pipe of inox, can make inox pipe with diameter 4.8mm to 325mm, thickness 0.2mm to 6.0mm.


Stainless Steel Tube Mill Parts Name

Our stainless steel tube mill mainly consists of 9 parts, the names of each part are as follows: Decoiler, Logo Stamping Device, Forming Section, Welding Section, Grinding Section, Sizing Section, Turkey Head, Cutting Machine, Unloading.


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