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Large Diameter Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

This is GG110 Model Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, this pipe making machine can produce ss pipe with diameter 89mm - 219mm, thickness 2.0mm - 9.0mm.


Types of YXH Pipe Polishing Machine

We have round pipe polishing machine(can polish 8mm to 133mm steel pipes) and square pipe polishing machine(can polish 10*10mm-100*100mm). And we also have large diameter pipe polishing machine,which can polish size up to 530mm, thickness up to 20mm.


Why choose YXH pipe making machine/tube mill?

Foshan YXH Service : Local service, TDP service, ROI calculation service, installation service, installation chart service


FOSHAN YXH: 2023 Tube Eurasia Exhibition

We will participate in 2023 Tube Eurasia Exhibition; Time: 24th-27th May, 2023; Booth No. Hall5 505-B


what is stainless steel square pipe polishing machine?

stainless steel square pipe polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of square and rectangle pipes.


March Expo 2023: Pipe Making Machine/Tube Mill

Pipe Making Machine / Tube Mill is mainly used to produce various stainless steel decorative pipes, such as: pipes for building handrails, pipes for anti-theft doors and windows, pipes for building handrails, guardrails, etc. It can also produce various automobile exhaust pipes, heat exchange pipes, etc. device tube, fluid tube, edible pipeline, etc.


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