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Foshan YXH Tube Mill Roll Design

Foshan YXH Tube Mill Roll Design



Tube mill roll design refers to the process of designing the rolls used in tube mills, which are machines used to produce tubes and pipes. The design of the rolls is crucial for achieving desired product specifications, such as diameter, wall thickness, and surface finish.
tube mill roll set
Factors such as material type, tube dimensions, production speed, and desired quality characteristics all influence roll design. Engineers consider various parameters including roll diameter, roll profile, material composition, heat treatment, and surface coating to optimize the performance and longevity of the rolls in the tube mill. Efficient roll design contributes to the overall productivity and quality of the tube manufacturing process.
Foshan YXH has 23 years production experience, our tube mill roll sets can used for production of stainless steel pipe/tube, iron pipe, titanium pipe. 
If you looking for tube mill roll, welcome to contact us.
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