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Stainless steel pipe making machine cost in India

Stainless steel pipe making machine cost in India



I’m at based in New Delhi, India and want to setup a stainless steel pipe milling line for us for both round & square pipes and thus need to know about different machines mentioned on your website. please help us suggest the right machine. Kindly do give us a brief evaluation of output in different machine to judge right product for us. And could you tell me how much Stainless steel pipe making machine cost

Yeah , many customers visit our website with this question, don’t worry, Now that you have found us, we will do our best to help you solve these problems. As you can see that we have office in India. In order to give the customers best service, we can visit your factory and provide on-site guidance, if you are free. Of course, many customers don’t know some how to measure some technical parameters. We also can guide for you.

Whenever you have doubt in investing stainless steel pipes, and any further question about stainless steel pipe making machine cost , welcome to contact us, we are the leading manufacturer in China 20 years.

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