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pipe or tube mill machine manufacturer

pipe or tube mill machine manufacturer



We are pipe or tube mill machine manufacturer of standard machines from 6mm diameter to 625mm  diameter roll shafts. And the thickness from 0.2mm-6.0mm. Custom machines are also available to suit nearly all applications. All new pipe or tube mill machine is made in our own factory using our own machine shop and local suppliers. Doing so allows us to better control both the quality and delivery of our equipment.

Our pipe or tube mill machine not only can make round pipe, but also square pip, rectangle pip, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well. Not only use to decoration such as furniture, hand railing, household electric appliance, but also use to industrial area, such ass air conditioner, auto exhaust, sanitary appliance, sending liquid (oil, milk, beer) etc. If you have any request for pipe or tube mill machine, please let us know. Whatsapp: 0086 18818745372



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