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SS Decorative Tube Mill -- YXH Development History

SS Decorative Tube Mill -- YXH Development History



SS Decorative Tube Mill -- YXH Development History

Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co., Ltd is a professional company, which produces SS decorative tube mill, Pipe roll sets, Pipe polishing machine, Slitting machine and Pipe embossing machine, etc. Being a modern high-tech enterprise, YXH locates in Foshan, China(Next to Guangzhou). In order to better display company, now we introduce the development history of the company.

In 2001,company established, has four partners, with 110000 investment funds;

At the end of 2002, company became profitable, and double growth each year;

In 2008, company began to change, set up a international trading department, export  equipment;

In 2010, company appeared a crisis, managers has resigned, sales dropped, etc. Adjust the company's business model and network marketing, integration of external resources. Through these strategies, company quickly out of the woods, and create a new height;

From 2011 to now, company development is good, the performance of steady growth.

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