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Automatic pipe making machine supplier in India

Automatic pipe making machine supplier in India



Steel pipes are made in tube mills, tube mills can be fully automatic or semi-automatic there are different suppliers around the world providing tube mills varying in dimensions and weight.in India parth, sarthak, nirmal overseas are some of major steel pipe line production suppliers,in china yxh are among the top players in steel pipe line production supplier.in a single tube mill there can be different OD pipes produced from time to time, depending upon the roll sets and specification provided by the supplier. The production start with stainless steel coil of specified diameter and thickness which is further shaped and wielded to make round, rectangular or square pipes, pipes are then cut into sizes according to the programmed length.there are different stages in steel pipe production through which the pipe have to pass before final shape is achieved. These stages are forming, welding and cooling.

Automatic pipe making machine

YXH is a leading steel pipe line production supplier with 20 years of experience in tube mill it leads the tube mill market with its competitors, founded in 2001 it has successfully established various branches and offices around the world making its presence notable. Beside tube mill which is its major product it also provide polishing machines, moulds and other accessories used in steel pipe line production. ZG series for decorative and GY and GG for industrial steel pipe line production, apart from tube mills roll sets made from D2, SKD, and cr32 are available with the supplier. In polishing machine 8 head polishing machine for round pipes and 32 head square pipes are provided to the clients on regular basis. Customer satisfaction and specifications are top priority for the company. For all the mentioned reasons YXH is among the most revered company and an advent steel pipe line production suppliers.


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