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How to make good quality ss pipes: Why is there a black line tube?

How to make good quality ss pipes: Why is there a black line tube?



Many people who invest in stainless steel say that if you choose the same equipment and welded pipe molds, why some manufacturers can have higher production efficiency, but some manufacturers have frequent problems? Where is the root cause of the problem? What are the main common problems in the process of stainless steel welded pipe?

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The appearance of black line pipe is one of the common problems in the process of stainless steel welding pipe.Why is there a black line tube?

The main reasons for black line pipes are

1. The welding machine current is too large, and the weld is too deep

2. Insufficient polishing

3. Insufficient polishing position

4. The polishing angle is not 45 degrees

5. Different marks of grinding materials

6. The direction of the polishing equipment is wrong

7. The argon protection tube is not installed properly, is not aligned with the welding position, and the welding seam is too deep if there is no argon.

It can be seen from the factors mentioned above that the common problems in the pipe welding process are not necessarily the problem of the mold or the professionalism of the adjuster. There are many reasons. Therefore, in the process of pipe making, we need to be more The focus, more investment, to better ensure high productivity.

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