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The Advantage of YXH Tube Mill Roll

The Advantage of YXH Tube Mill Roll



The roll sets will be installed on stainless steel pipe making machine / erw tube mill to make stainless steel pipe/tube, iron pipe, titanium pipe. 

The advantage of YXH tube mill roll sets:

1.Good material
tube mill roll set

Roll sets with good material, such as Cr12Mov , SKD11, D2. And tube mill with good arrangement, that can reduce marking/scratch on ss pipe surface.

2.Treatment Method
Through heat treatment, the hardness of the roll can be increased, making it more wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The main heat treatment methods are vacuum heat treatment, vacuum gas quenching.

3.Wide production range & High precision: 

Pipe Type


Tolerance Range

Round Pipe

5 ~ 630

Roundness +/- 0.005

Square Pipe

F10x10 ~ 500x500

Flatness +/- 0.04

Rectangle Pipe

F10x20 ~ 300x600

Flatness +/- 0.04

4.Long useful life 
tube mill roll set

The useful life of roll sets up to 8-10 years. Because of good materials and heat treatment.

5.Good design
roll set

With 23 years design experience. Customized drawings according to thickness, thick tubes and thin tubes have different designs.

6.Rich production experience 
tube mill roll set

Experienced to produce roll set for Indian TIG tube mill and high frequency tube mill; Experienced to produce roll set for Titanium tube; Experienced to produce roll set for industrial pipes,such as food tube, water pipe, liquid pipe,etc. Experienced to produce roll set for decorative pipe, such as furniture,handrail,etc.

7.Rich export experience
roll set advantage

YXH tube mill roll sets have served more than 1700+ enterprise in 100+ countries.

The high wear resistance, excellent processing accuracy and stable performance of YXH roll sets make it an ideal choice for the tube mill industry.

Contact us to get your custom roll set quote.

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