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Let’s have a meet in tube mill fair in shanghai China

Let’s have a meet in tube mill fair in shanghai China



 The 7th China international pipe exhibition is coming to an end.  26-29 September for four days of the exhibition in Shanghai . It is reported that the exhibition attracts many of Asia's first pipe industry insiders and professional buyers gathering here to communicate, and major technology strong stainless steel welded pipe equipment sellers hospitality to attend. Among them, YXH blockbuster hit with "technology" and "service" .

  YXH is the proponents of intelligent stainless steel tube mill manufacturers in China, and always focus on the development of the technology oftube welding equipment, including the welded pipe intelligent actuarial, polishing humanity, super precision mould design. .Low-key debut at the Shanghai exhibition, but emerged, the technical strength is not hidden, strong technical explanation attracts the people to stop,  E1A35 always stand at the door in an endless stream,  get the favour of a lot of pipe industry. In this short days, not only "smart", "the service" the management idea of the transmission ,know many pipe industry information, also received more cooperation opportunities.

  China international pipe exhibition, let us unforgettable. YXH will continue to develop sophisticated technology of stainless steel welded pipe machinery,  explain more solution to a more perfect service in the future,.



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