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HF16 High Precision ERW Pipe Making Machine

HF16 High Precision ERW Pipe Making Machine



Pipe Making Machine

The high-frequency welded erw pipe making machine is mainly used for continuous production of straight seam welded pipes. Using high-frequency induction welding, it can not only produce round pipes, but also produce square pipes and special-shaped pipes that do not exceed the processing range of round pipes;

Production process composition:

Raw material-uncoiler→shear butt welding machine→storage device→forming and sizing machine→flying saw machine→straightening machine→milling machine→baler and auxiliary roller table, electrical control system, high Frequency welding equipment

The main parameters of HF16 High Precision ERW Pipe Making Machine:

Pipe Material

Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel,etc.

Round Pipe Diameter

8mm - 25mm

Round Pipe Thickness


Square Pipe Diameter

10*10mm -20*20mm

Rectangle Pipe Diameter

10*10mm - 10*30mm

Square Pipe Thickness

0.2mm - 0.7mm

Production Speed


Pipe Length

3m -12m

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