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How to polish stainless steel tubes and pipes?

How to polish stainless steel tubes and pipes?



Now customers have higher and higher requirements for the brightness of the surface of stainless steel pipes. Although the pipe making machine is equipped with a grinding part, it only simply polishes the weld seam. Therefore, the produced stainless steel pipe still needs further polishing to make the surface brighter.

How to polish stainless steel tubes and pipes?

First of all, we have different types of polishing machines. According to the tube type, there are round tube buffing machines and square tube grinding machines; according to automation, there are electric control polishing machines and ordinary hand wheel polishing machines. Moreover, according to the size of the pipe, the model of the buffing machine will be different.

Secondly, according to different polishing effects (mirror polishing, sand polishing and matte polishing), match different polishing materials,such as flap wheels, sisal wheels. cloth wheels,sisal mixed, and polishing wax.

Therefore, with a good grinding machine and polishing materials, we can polish stainless steel pipes. If one person wants to operate multiple polishing machine equipment, it can be equipped with automatic feeding and unloading shelf.

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