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1 inch ss pipe machine company

1 inch ss pipe machine company



1 inch ss pipe machine company,  ss pipes is applied to everywhere around us, different application needs different diameter and thickness. Of course, there are some regular sizes.

YXH ss pipe machine company, professional in manufacture all types of ss pipes, for example:

ZG 40 tube mill regular size  : round pipes: Ø9.5、Ø12.7、Ø15.9、Ø18、Ø19、Ø22、Ø25、Ø28、Ø31.8、Ø35、Ø38、Ø48、Ø50.8. square pipes : F15X15、F19X19、F22X22、F25X25、F30X30、F38X38 . rectangular pipes: F20X10、F23X11、F25X13、F30X15、F34X22、F40X20、F50X25.

ZG 50 tube mill regular size: round pipes: Ø60、Ø63、Ø76.2. square/ rectangular pipes : F50X50、F75X45.

ZG 60 tube mill regular size: round pipes: Ø89、Ø101.6、Ø114, round/ rectangular pipes : F80X80、F95X45

1 inch ss pipe machine company, We manufacture and supply ss pipe machine with integrated solutions for more than 20 years, meanwhile won the trust of big enterprises. If any product are you interested in, Please contact me at any time. we’d like to give you more details and price.


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