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1 inch to 5 inch pipe manufacturing machine cost

1 inch to 5 inch pipe manufacturing machine cost



1 inch to 5inch pipe manufacturing machine cost. I want to produce 1 inch to 5 inch pipes, how much will  they cost?

Usually in this case, when you ask the pipe manufacturing machine manufacturer , the will ask you more details: 1.  how about the pipe thickness ? min & max?  2. How about pipe material: stainless steel or carbon steel etc? 3. What about the pipe application/ usage, such as furniture, hand railing, building construction? Or for sending liquid, like beer, milk, sanitary etc?, for the three question, we can know if our machines can meet your requirements or not. Of course, more details, we can give you the price more quickly.

1 inch to 5 inch pipe manufacturing machine cost.YXH  pipe manufacturing machine company provides solutions for more than 24 years history ,and we supply you all the Mills as your requirement with good price and service. If you have any request for ss  pipe manufacturing machine, please let us kwon.





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