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Stainless Steel Tube Mill Parts Name

Stainless Steel Tube Mill Parts Name


Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing pipe making machine/tube mill, pipe polishing machine, pipe embossing machine, pipe tapering machine, etc. In last 22 years. And we have served more than 1700+ enterprise in 90+ countries, and with office and workshop in Hisar, India.
Today I will introduce our stainless steel tube mill for you. Our stainless steel tube mill mainly consists of 9 parts, the names of each part are as follows:
1.Decoiler: There are two main types of decoiler, double-sided decoiler and single-sided decoiler. Generally, ZG50 models and above models will be equipped with a single-side decoiler.
2.Logo Stamping Device: During the production process, the material identification, brand trademark identification, specification and model identification, etc. are displayed on the stainless steel pipe.
3.Forming Section:The forming section is the beginning of the deformation of the steel belt, and the steel belt is transported to the forming section through the feeding rack to start deformation.
4.Welding Section:The steel strip is welded through the welding section.We have a variety of welding methods: argon arc welding, plasma double gun welding, laser welding. We will recommend the appropriate welding method according to the specifications of the steel pipe produced by the customer.
5.Grinding Section: The grinding section is used on the surface of the steel pipe after welding to make the weld seam smoother. We also have 3 kinds of grinding sections, manual grinding section, semi-automatic grinding section, fully enclosed automatic grinding section. We recommend the corresponding grinding section according to the different needs of customers.
6.Sizing Section:The function of the sizing section is to make the round pipe more round.
7.Turkey Head: The function of the turkey head is to deform the round tube into square tube/rectangle tube/oval tube.
8.Cutting Machine:The steel pipe is cut to the corresponding length by cutting machine. We have 3 kinds of cutting machines, Friction Cutter, metal saw cutter, belt saw cutter .
9.Unloading:The unloading rack is used to collect the cut steel pipes.
The above is the introduction of each part of our tube mill.

If you looking for stainless steel tube mill, welcome to contact us!
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