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What is steel tube mill hand book before powering on?

What is steel tube mill hand book before powering on?



Manly customers consult about what is steel tube mill hand book before powering on.

Now Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd  tell you now.


  • At first, you should make sure steel tube specifications, thickness and the material you need to produce this time. At the same time, Look whether it is the cut-to-length tubes, whether to need to install the steel mould, whether to need to gas shielded welding, and if there are other special technical requirements.
  • Check the host reducer lubrication condition, check whether the tube making machine, welding machine, cutting machine run normally, check oxygen supply is normal, cooling water flow is normal, check whether the compressed air supply is normal.
  • Check the stock: prepares for net sideband before the steel belt on the shelf, get enough consumables (Multi-leaf wheel, cutting disk, welding pin, etc.) on duty.
  • Splice tap: meet the requirement of leveling off, the solder joint need to be penetrated. When picking up you should pay special attention to make sure the positive steel bet face is upward.
  • Seam welding needle, cover mould grinding: welding needle working side should be grinded into 30 degrees angle with fine grinder, cover mould working side should  be smooth.

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