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Tube Mill Grinding Method

Tube Mill Grinding Method



Pipes produced by tube mill / pipe making machines often require grinding and polishing to improve surface quality and accuracy. The following are some common pipe grinding methods for pipe making machines:

1.Grinding sections for pipe making machines:

tube mill - grinding section

Mainly used to polish the outer welds of steel pipes;

tube mill - grinding section

a.manual grinding sections:

Adjusting the grinding head takes time and labor.

b.semi-automatic grinding sections:

In automatically pressing down polishing system by electric motor, one engineer can operate  five set tube mill.

c.totally enclose automatic grinding section:

In automatically pressing down polishing system by electric motor, one engineer can operate  five set tube mill. And it can make grinding section cleaner and grinding more stable.Totally Enclosed box with grinding head can make grinding section cleaner.

2.Internal and external wall polishing:

If you have high requirements for the internal and external polishing of steel pipes, we also recommend 2 types of equipment to you:

a. Internal polishing equipment:

used to polish the inner wall of the pipeline to improve the smoothness of the inner surface of the pipeline.

b. External polishing equipment:

Mainly uses polishing materials to polish the surface of the steel pipe to make the surface of the steel pipe bright. Polishing is often used to create pipes with a high smoothness, reflective surface or high gloss finish. This polishing equipment is divided into round pipe polishing machine and square pipe polishing machine.

In conclusion:

The type and method of grinding depends on the type, size, material and desired surface quality of the pipe. After using a pipe making machine to produce a pipe, there is usually a subsequent processing step to ensure that the final quality of the pipe meets the requirements. These grinding and polishing methods often need to be adapted and customized to specific requirements.


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