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The different arrangement of stainless steel tube mill machine

The different arrangement of stainless steel tube mill machine


Stainless steel tube mill can adopt different arrangements to meet different production needs and pipeline specifications. Here are some common ways of ordering machines:

1. 3-3-1-4 arrangement

tube mill -3314 arrangement

This is the most common arrangement and is used to produce conventional steel pipe specifications.

2. 4-4-1-4 arrangement

tube mill - 4414arrangement

The forming effect is better, the weld seam quality is better, the production speed is faster.

3. Continuous arrangement

tube mill - Continuous arrangement

Tube Mill Machine with successive arrangement, easy to produce better quality small tube (below 12.7 mm) ,welding quality more stable,tube more straight.

Of course, the pipe making machine can be customized and has different arrangements. Therefore, we will recommend suitable pipe making machines according to the specific needs of customers.


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