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The popular models of pipe embossing machines

The popular models of pipe embossing machines


Steel pipe embossing machine is a device specifically for processing of steel pipes. It can form a variety of beautiful patterns on the surface of the steel pipe, making the steel pipe have a decorative effect. This helps to improve the appearance quality of the steel pipe, increase its aesthetics and decorative properties, and make it more suitable for occasions with higher decorative requirements.
steel pipe embossing machine

The popular models of pipe embossing machines is 50 type and 76 type. The following is the parameter table:

Machine Model
50 Type
76 Type
Pipe Diameter
12mm - 50.8mm
15.8mm - 76.2mm
Pipe Thickness(Stainless Steel)
0.7mm - 1.5mm
0.6mm - 1.5mm
Pipe Thickness(Carbon Steel)
0.6mm - 1.5mm
0.6mm - 2.0mm
Pipe Thickness(Copper)
0.6mm - 2.0mm
0.6mm - 3.0mm
Pipe Thickness(Aluminum)
0.6mm - 2.0mm
0.6mm - 3.0mm

Customized service is available.
If you interested in steel pipe embossing machine, welcome to contact us.
We will recommend the right model of steel pipe embossing machine according to your needs.

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